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residential pest control

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At D-Termination, we understand the importance of having a home free of pests. Not only can they cause damage to your home and furniture, they can also leave behind unpleasant excrements and odors. Our Integrated Pest Management Process is perfect for residential pest control.  We offer the following service packages for your home:

Perimeter:  Service the exterior and the inside if necessary.

Perimeter plus Scorpions:  Service the exterior, dust structural wall voids, dust cinder block wall voids, and granulate landscaping, glue boards in garage and entryways.

Perimeter plus Rodents:   Up to 4 bait stations on the exterior. $10 per bait station over 4.

Perimeter Platinum:  Includes scorpions and rodent services.

All services are on a bi-monthly schedule.

We can rid your home of:






Bed Bugs 

Bees & Wasps


Rodents & Rats

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Integrated Pest ManagementPest infestation can be a serious issue whether in a residential or commercial setting.
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