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    Enjoy a healthy summer lawn! Call our weed removal experts at D-Termintation today to get started.

    If you are noticing or suspect that your yard could be growing weeds, it’s best to take control of the problem sooner than later. The rate at which weeds accumulate and grow can be unmanageable and pulling weeds by hand can actually make the problem worse! Every time a weed is pulled seeds are left behind in the soil waiting for their turn to grow. Our weed control program breaks this cycle, a combination of multiple products allows us to kill weeds and prevent new seeds from ever having the chance to grow. Take control of your yard today and contact our weed control experts in Las Vegas!

    Our team utilizes tried and true methods to remove and prevent weed growth. We have the expertise, equipment, and knowledge to tackle many different types of weeds. For effective weed control in the Las Vegas area, reach out today.

    We help remove and prevent the following types of weeds and more, guaranteed!







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